About Us

Chicago Web Design & Marketing Firm Builds Sites On-Time & On-Budget

No, we’re not crazy or nuts about the Internet. The asylum part of the name comes from the other definition; that of a safe harbor or sanctuary.

Web Asylum

Web Asylum was founded in 1996 and immediately became successful building websites for small businesses and fellow chamber of commerce members and also training people to use the ‘Net. The sites we built became more robust and we sub-contracted the programming work to another firm we eventually merged with in 1999. For the next few years, we developed strategy, designed, programmed and marketed sites for organizations ranging from Sprint to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to AEC/Sterling and the City of Naperville. One of our biggest challenges was building the Binny’s Beverage Depot site, which included not only e-commerce for hundreds of wines and spirits, but calculating shipping weights for all sizes of bottles AND where they could and could not be shipped due to local and state laws.

Our designers have done creative for major automobile & motorcycle brands, McDonald’s, Verizon, a well-known distiller and one of the top two soda companies. Our team has worked together for years. We think that’s a benefit!

Over the years, we’ve built or marketed just about anything you can do on the Internet. We’ve always been very customer-centric as that’s very good for business. One of the things we’re proudest of is Our Process which allows us to efficiently build websites that meet or exceed customer expectations, on-time and on-budget. Our process gives our customers peace of mind.