Link Building

Inbound Links Build Website Traffic

Search engines put a lot of emphasis on the number of inbound links to a website. It’s a “word of mouth” or popularity measurement that they include in their algorithm. Effective website marketing in Chicago (or anywhere) using link-building techniques will increase the number of links to your site and boost rankings.

Build Website Traffic Tips With Links

The DO’S:
  • DO request links from as many other sites as possible
  • DO try to build links from related organizations.
  • DO try and include coveted keywords in links to your site.
  • DON’T buy links from link farms.
  • DON’T use or allow “invisible links” to your site.
  • DON’T use keyword tricks, like using the word “sex” or “porn” in your links.

Other Effective Link-Building Techniques:

  • Write articles and submit them to free article submission sites
  • Use social networking sites to build links and search engine rankings
  • Respond to blog posts and include your website address
  • Link to individual pages on your website from your blog

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