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Goals, Target Audience & Strategy
What is the 'job' of the website?
How will you find leads and convert them?

Content That Converts
What do they want and why?
Why are you their best solution?

Qualified Traffic / Website Visitors
Organic (SEO) or Paid (Advertising)?
What are your costs? Pros & cons?

Why Speculate
When You Can Know?

You want more sales and profits automatically, and without overwhelm. You want the feeling of knowing that you have a predictable way of generating targeted inquiries, which reliably convert into profitable sales. You want to know that every dollar you invest will produce a predictable Return On Investment and you want to know how to improve that ROI over time.

Why Choose Chaos
When You Can Have Order?

You want order over chaos. Expertise over inexperience. Confidence over apprehension and doubt.  You want a digital strategy that everyone in your business can understand and in which they each know how to play their part. You want a system that forms a key part of the business you are pouring your heart and soul into – and perhaps one you hope to sell one day or give to your kids. In short, you want to transform your online marketing forever.

Why Hope For Miracles
When You Can Just Take Control?

You can search online watching videos, reading blogs, or reading books and attending seminars. Or you can choose to just take control of it for good. If you’re like most people in business I’m sure you’ve heard a load of tired BS from one-trick ponies, already. That’s not what you’ll hear from me. We’ll talk about what actually works. No miracles. No magic solutions. Just what works.

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If you fail to plan... plan to fail. You must set realistic goals, determine what you want to sell, identify your best prospects and create a strategic plan that delivers. What's their itch?

Know, Like & Trust

How will your ideal prospects stop and take notice? How will you convince them that you are their best solution? Today's consumers evaluate options on multiple platforms.

Who's got your money?

You built your strategy, you created awesome content that primes the pump. How will you attract and engage your new customers? Search engines? Banner ads? Social media? Affiliates?

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We've helped hundreds of companies just like You.

About Us

I've had a long-term interest in business, media and success. Click here to read more about how my experience will help your business thrive.

Our Services

Most companies struggle with creating content. We have an effective Done With You approach that works well. But content is not al we do. Learn more.

Who should consider booking a consulting session?

  • Company owners, marketers and businesses that need expert guidance and support.
  • Businesses that don’t have the budget to hire a full-time Digital Marketing Manager but want to learn how to effectively manage their online marketing.
  • Marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking for one-on-one help and support from an expert who will provide valuable information, tips, tactics and strategies.

Let’s work together to take charge of and maximize your presence online. I’ll teach you how to make your website work better for you, helping you gain a new allegiance of fans and customers.

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About Me.

After a successful career in major market and network radio, I began developing websites about 25 years ago. Our goal was always getting an ROI for our clients.

We've built websites in various industries; Manufacturing, Optometry, Hospitality & Tourism, Government, B2B and B2C.

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They Say

Tom Kunkel

Kunkel Team Realtors

"Kurt took us from concept to implementation in a timely manner. We were very pleased with the Web Asylum team"

John O'Connell

IT Analyst

"Kurt is the type of service provider you can sit down, discuss your market and needs, and he has the creativity to provide the right solution for you."

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