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Digital Marketing Strategist

Services & Fees

What does it cost? That depends. After our 30-minute call, we will both have a better idea of your needs and our capabilities.

The short answer is that our monthly retainers generally range from $2,000 to $5,000.

We offer one-off services, such as keyword research for $500. We will copywrite most small to medium business websites for $2,000. We will do a competitive analysis of your website and 3 competitors for $1,000.

We can meet for a full day here in the western suburbs of Chicago for a full day of strategizing (and maybe a little bit of fun) for $7,500, which includes the competitive analysis described above.

Fractional Digital Marketing Manager


Any full or part-time employee needs company onboarding initially, which may include reading the employee handbook and getting acquainted with other team members. Or maybe it's just a hearty handshake, a slap on the back and the instructions, "Let's go!"

Next begins the Discovery phase, learning more about the goals of the company and the products or services being offered. With input from all stake-holders, we would define the best Target Personas and determine where they hang out, so that we can engage them, advertise to them and learn what solutions they need.

We will also study your site's analytics in the Discovery phase.


Chances are you'll be quite strong in some areas of your marketing and sales. Other areas will probably require some work to bring you and your team up the required learning curve. Results will depend on your specific needs and the size and capabilities of both your senior management teams and your extended workforce.

Based on Discovery and evaluation of your Resources, we would then develop your digital marketing strategy to submit for approval.

What's needed?

Once the Discovery and Resources assessment are complete your team may be up for the challenge of planning and executing all by themselves. In fact, in an ideal world that is exactly what you might want to happen. Or you may prefer retaining a Fractional Digital Manager to monitor the efforts, create content that converts, drive traffic to your site, mentor the team and fill in as needed.

In the real world, you'll have to deal with finite resources, differing levels of experience and skill within your team, work capacity issues, employee retention and a range of other problems. We can offer stability and expertise.

Once we define the scope of services being delivered to you, we can give you a fixed-bid quote.


Some things we'll be able to help you to implement and execute, with my team at Web Asylum. Some things you might want to take care of internally. Or you may have outsourced to existing vendors or people we can introduce you to. The cost of this will depend almost entirely upon what tactics you choose to implement during the planning phase, who you choose to do those things for you and your own marketing budget. 

The Solution

Ideally your internal team could be responsible for transforming your marketing. But it's difficult to find anyone with a broad range of marketing skills, alone afford to keep them. I just did a search on 'digital marketing' jobs within a 25 mile radius of Naperville, IL on Indeed.com. There are 1,441 jobs listed. About half the jobs pay $50,000 or more + benefits every year. 24% of them have base salary of $80,000+.

We can start next week.

For individual one-off projects, we offer buckets of hours.

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